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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

List of Free Classified Websites

Are you looking for the best and largest list of free classified websites, advertising sites, free classified sites?

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You have come to the right place and at the right time. As the blog title speaks for itself, we will not hold anything back and will share with you many tips and resources for you and any advertisers to advertise online with hassle free based on proven methods used by professional webmasters, long established online media buyers, internet media experts, etc.

There were previously many local community publicity tools until the emergence of internet media or online media. The electronics and digital technology has made it possible for local business to go international by advertising without borders. Local entrepreneurs enjoy media coverage never seen before in the past century, which today's modern technology offers best alternative or solution packages to the traditional newspaper ads. Even today's free newspaper that you can find on the news stand also would finally one day has to diversify to online media.

People used to ask us: what are the best, popular, high traffic, top ranking websites?
The best classifieds are the ones that have the following criterias:-

  • High Page Rank (websites that are listed among Top 10 or Top 20 in the search engines)
  • Popular (well known, popularly used by advertisers and searchers/surfers)
  • Memorable
  • User Friendly
  • Options: Free or Paid Advertisements (best if it comes with affordable, low cost, competitive fees)
  • Most recommended, highly rated and as per Professional Webmasters Advice

Having said that, do no spam these high quality Free Classifieds Directory.
The list of Free Classifieds Directory services are already FREE, so do others a favor as well as help keep the websites running Free-Of-Charge.
Remember NOT to resort to using CUT and PASTE your ads content.
Ensure your ads are different in content when you post free ads at different places (free classified websites).
Edit, change, add, alternate your words in the descriptions column.
Title can be kept the same but your advertisement content should be 100% the same for each and every ads posted in all the list of free classified websites.

Now, here is our Professional Webmasters Recommendations: a Huge List of Free Classified Websites (Free Classified Websites Listing) according to alphabetical order. *We will update this list from time to time. These websites should be added to any list out there in the internet for the benefits of users or advertisers.

COMPLETE LIST TODATE: 45 Popular and Top Ranking Classified Websites

Thanks to Professional Webmasters Advice and a reliable team of affiliate marketers, I have painstakingly compiled the new, most current, latest, top ranking 45 huge list of high traffic, popular and free classified websites:-



Popular Place Social Networking Site
Product Launch

We believe this list above will help a lot of advertisers.

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