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Text Case Converter

Text Case Converter : Text Converter : Case Converter : Capitalize, Upper, Lower Case

Cost-free. Online tool for Upper Casing or Lower Casing all text. ... Uppercase or Lowercase Text Tool. Text case converter. Upper. Lower. Capitalize. Capitalise. To Change Character Alphabet Word Paragraph Sentences. Free Online Tool.
Note: This software is a very useful too for advertisers who use to advertise, post ads, submit ads.

Use this tool to transform or toggle a given text block in the following ways:
  • Lower case - Converts all characters/letters to lower case.
  • Upper case - Converts all characters/letters to upper case, capitalizes everything.
  • Capitalize words - Capitalizes the first letter of every word/term in the text block.
  • Cap. sentences - Capitalizes the first letter of every sentence or phrase in the text block.

  • Feel free to browse the source code of this page to view the javascript code behind this tool.
    Type/Input/Enter source text and click on a button to transform/convert/toggle:


    SEE The Result (Below/Here):

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